OperaVännerna, The Friends of the Royal Swedish Opera in Stockholm, was founded in 1980 as an independent association of audience members. Its aim is ”to increase members´ benefit from their interest in opera and to create new opera enthusiasts”. Artist meetings, a monthly newsletter and visits to other opera houses inside and outside Sweden are now our major activities. On the day of the performance members receive a 50% discount on any remaining ticket – particularly valuable as the Opera recently abolished most other discounts.

Our monthly magazine contains articles about current productions and informs about our activities: meetings with artists, courses and events focused on specific works or singers, group visits to performances etc. We also act as lobbyists for a richer repertoire and improved quality and access to the art form, we support artists and others through scholarships, and we attract new friends to opera and our association.

For information on current fees etc. please refer to our Swedish web pages, or send an e-mail to ov@operavannerna.com